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Share In Helping One Person Everyday

The (50+) Community Bridge Connection - TODAY'S FAMILY CAREGIVER

H.O.P.E.  blooms 

in time!


Overflowing with Smiling (Periwinkles) that make us smile whenever we meet; Embracing (Sunflowers) generous with hugs not knowing that it is just what is needed at the time; and an abundance of  Encouraging, Kindness and Wisdom (Begonias) always present on  the pathway of life.            

Also in the midst, Keep the Faith and Hope Alive (Orchids) lifting us up from disappointments; and a very rare specimen, Trustworthy (Violets) dependably consistent regardless of the day or the circumstance. 

The generous and sturdy bunches of Pray and Worship Jesus (Dandelions) with Call On Me Anytime (Daisies) cover us when trouble rises to steady us during the rough and rocky times. Now the calming fragrant cascade of Here For You

(Forget-Me-Nots) are spread throughout because they are present whenever we are in need; and the hardy vine-like cluster of Real Simple (Pansies) stay true year-round, always recognizable for there are no shady moods of gray.

Of course this bouquet would not be complete without the fragrant Say It With Love (Roses) distinctly potent with a bit of “reality check” that let us know when Christian amnesia is showing; and the crowning glory of this blissful and colorful cornucopia is the heartfelt sweetness of (Baby’s Breath) aptly reflective of the “great cloud of witnesses”(Hebrews 12:1)from our GOD’s own heavenly garden to remind us that we are loved and never alone.

Jude 2 (TVP) - “Kindness, peace, love - 

may they never stop blooming in you and from you.