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The (50+) Community Bridge Connection - TODAY'S FAMILY CAREGIVER

"Thank you for all that you do." - (O.M.)

" H.O.P.E. brings a smile to my heart. Thank you for sending the newsletters. I enjoy reading them."  - (Willie Ann)

“It's always good to be encouraged and reminded that all things come from God. Thank you!” -  (Jerrie)

“I look forward to receiving words of encouragement and inspiration from H.O.P.E. during the month. Thank you and God bless!” - (Sylvester)

“Thanks so much for the inspirational blessings!” - (Agalice)

“My mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer. I often wonder who will take care of me when I’m older, especially since I’m alone. We need people in our lives that really care.” - (Deborah)

“I really like the engaging and vibrant presentations of inspiration in words and pictures. H.O.P.E. during the month works for me!” - (Ruby)

“The Philippians 4:6 scripture card came at just the right time for me to share it with a young man that was having a difficult time in his life. Thank you!” - (Ollie)

“I did not know what to expect from my “We Care” subscription; but now I do. The inspiration and scriptures have been a blessing to me.” - (Gladys)

“I really liked the recent mailing of GOD’s S.P.A. – Treat Yourself To His Goodness.” It was a blessing to me! Thank you” - (Yovanda)

“Only one envelope in my mailbox today and it wasn’t a bill, it was Inspiration! Thank you Lord!” - (Sandy)

“A much needed pick-me-up when I least expected it.” - (Chioma)

“I like to share my Inspiration Cards with family and friends to brighten their day … Encourage to be encouraged!” - (Beverly)

“A fellow caregiver gave me a gift subscription to WE Care Cards for my birthday. Each one has truly been a blessing to me!” - (Abbey)

“Today’s mail came with a blessing in the midst of junk mail and bills. Too busy to stop and sort the other, but the brightly colored envelope caught my eye and curiosity took over as I opened to read its content. A momentary respite that made me smile!” - (Rose)

“As I’ve been reading the H.O.P.E. newsletter, it reminded me of my Dad’s caregiver when he was ill. She was such a blessing and inspiration to our family. - (M.P.)

“Thanks for caring for those that are sometimes forgotten in the world today. CARING and LOVING is the foundation of life.” -  (Barbara)

"I want to say Thank You again for coming and sharing with the ALZ group on Saturday.  You did a beautiful and touching presentation.  I feel everyone benefited from you and it was a great help to me. Thank you for your support." -  (Deborah)

"I love receiving the H.O.P.E. newsletter and Postal Inpiration! Thanks for the words of encouragement, they really help. I'm sure others are helped also. - (Beverly)