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"We Make Connections Work"
Non-profit tax exempt charitable organization qualified under section 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code

Share In Helping One Person Everyday

(with extraordinary needs!)

The core vision of SHARE IN H.O.P.E. non-profit outreach is to connect with the multi-generational Family CareGiver community; the backbone of in-home care for their love ones. 

While over 60 percent of 50+CareGivers are currently balancing a full-time job along with other family responsibilities, many seniors too are serving as CareGivers, but unfortunately often in isolation, and without the benefit of social media or other outlet for connectivity, respite and support.  

Our efforts help to encourage and foster a sense of community and support; and special projects annually help to express mutual appreciation and respect for all Family CareGivers.

H.O.P.E.  in the midst of the journey to Encourage

the well-being of the 50+CareGiver!

By GOD's Design
CareGivers Need Encouragement and Inspiration

Sometimes just knowing someone is thinking of you 
can make you feel less lonely; 
and the world seems a bit kinder too!